April Hopkins is a classically trained figurative artist from North Texas. She has devoted herself to excellence in draftsmanship and painting. April’s artwork focuses on the human form, connecting to her audience through a mindful exploration of the figure. To render the nude through art is to consider our vulnerability, our innocence, and our mortality—the things that unite us. April’s subjects are often calm and reflective, to reveal an inner strength and unexpected beauty. 


April has displayed her art at galleries throughout the region, both group and solo exhibitions—most recently at Crittenden The Studio in Fort Worth, the Brazos Gallery in Dallas, and several group exhibitions at the Texas Academy of Figurative Art.

April earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2006 from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. April currently studies at the Texas Academy of Figurative Art, an atelier committed to traditional methods and a rigorous curriculum, producing some of the best young artists in the south.

A transplant from rural Wisconsin, she now lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband, two daughters and one wildly spirited terrier.