Podcasts I Love

I’m an avid podcast listener. I’m all over the board in terms of genres, but I thought I would curate a list here of some of my favorites that might interest any artist or lover-of-the-arts.

Artist/Mother Podcast

Interviewer, mother and artist Kaylan Buteyn interviews fellow artists and mothers about their career paths and parenting journeys. Buteyn is thoughtful in her questions, leaving room for in-depth conversations about all the complicated and beautiful parts about being a mom and an artist in today’s world. I love listening to other women discuss their insecurities, their challenges, and their successes within the art community. It can feel very isolating at times to be an artist who is also a mother, and this podcast has made me feel more connected and at peace with this season of life.

Suggested Donation

If you are in the traditional atelier community, chances are you have heard of this podcast. Hosts by Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff (who are fantastic artists in their own right) interview other contemporary artists within and on the periphery of the modern realism movement (guys, what are we calling it? We don’t know yet? Okay.) The interviews are dynamic, informative and inspiring.

The Art History Babes

I. Love. These. Ladies. Admittedly I did not pay as close of attention in Art History class as I should have. Some of my art history teachers (not all of them! Love you Laurentia) were dull as heck. The Art History Babes are knowledgeable, feminist and funny AF. I heart them. If you also suffered from Boring Art History Professor Syndrome, give these ladies a listen.


In a past life, I played violin. (Clearly I have a thing for traditional pasttimes. I was born in the wrong century.) Luthiers Rozie DeLoach, Christopher Jacoby and Jerry Lynn created Omo podcast to discuss all things related to violin making. I love this podcast because the parallels between the lives of violin-makers and classically-trained artists are vivid—from proper tool selection and the rarity of the craft, down to the anxiety of imposter syndrome.

The Discographers

This new-ish podcast by hosts Bryan Matthews and Tyler Cardwell is a deep-dive into the music catalogs of various bands. The past few months, they’ve been going through each album by the Smashing Pumpkins and dissecting it musically and thematically. They spend a lot of time explaining music theory elements and evaluate each song one-by-one. I’m just drooling over this podcas— and yes it is absolutely because they are discussing my favorite band of all time. Series 1 was all things Nine Inch Nails, so I suspect these guys have a slightly heavier edge when it comes to musical preference, if you’re into that.

If you have a favorite creative podcast, I’d love to hear about it!