50 Things I've Done.

1. Graduated college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

2. Got to ride First Class to Portland by beating a guy at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

3. Uma Thurman passed by me on a street in NYC. She brushed my shoulder! I have Uma dust on me!

4. In college, my friend Brad and I made a "Happy Birthday" sign for Karen O when we went to a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert. After the show, we met Nick Zinner and gave him the sign to give to her. A few months later, there was a picture of her in Spin Magazine...holding the sign that we made!

5. I sat next to a guy on a plane that played a doctor in some popular soap opera. He was obsessed with celebrities and asked if he could read my People magazine.

6. Ate jellyfish.

7. I saw the last Smashing Pumpkins concert in Chicago when the band *officially* broke up in 2000. During one part of a song, the house lights were on and I SWEAR TO YOU that Billy Corgan pointed at me, which blew my little teenage mind. I was the only person standing up in my section of the stadium. He definitely pointed at me.

8. Pierced ears ("professionally").

9. Decorated cakes ("professionally").

10. Drove across the Mackinac bridge ALL BY MYSELF.

11. Rode across the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the longest sea bridge in the world.

12. Stumbled upon a cooking demo in the park with Amy Sedaris.

13. Moved to Austin by myself, with whatever I could fit in my car.

14. Swore I could never date anyone who would live in Dallas...then met my husband (from Dallas).

15. Worked in an old-barn-turned-art studio in Ann Arbor.

16. Got married in an old barn in Wisconsin.

17. Ate and drank at the top of the tallest hotel in Thailand.

18. Visited the Big Buddha statue in Hong Kong.

19. Dyed my hair...all the colors.

20. Went to Hawaii.

21. Went to Mexico.

22. Spoke about Women In Design at a design conference.

23. Played violin.

24. Travelled in China by myself.

25. Rode in a tuk tuk in India.

26. Gave presentations to CEOs of a giant company (and didn't puke.)

27. Taught people about design.

28. Bought a house.

29. Became a stepmom.

30. Learned to cook.

31. Drove up the Pacific Coast Highway.

32. Got some tattoos. 

33.  Visited the home of Charles and Ray Eames. 

34. Had a baby.

35. Mastered breastfeeding, and even did it in public.

36. Learned how to make a good cup of coffee.

37. Rediscovered my passion for drawing.

38. Quit a job that was unfulfilling for a riskier option.

39. Learned how to mom.

40. Dated a poet, a philosopher, some artists, some designers, an engineer, a semi-pro snowboarder...not all at the same time. But pretty close.

41. Skipped college graduation and drank margaritas with my girlfriend instead. (Sorry, family!) This may have been foreshadowing my move to Texas...!

42. Learned how to wrap and wear my wiggly baby...then, gave up, due to said wiggles.

43. Found my favorite bookstore of all time in Taipei.

44. Perfected my chili recipe.

45. Stayed at the W in Taipei, which was probably the coolest hotel I've ever been to. They even sent someone out to buy deodorant for me when my luggage was delayed. Staying at that hotel felt pretty boss.

46. Watched fireworks from the roof of a hotel on 10.10.10 (I think this was also Taipei. Taipei has been good to me.)

47. Got swindled in Shanghai. 

48. Sold some art.

49. Saw so, so, so many bands, all over the country and at so many festivals.

50. Acupuncture and cupping.

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