It Took Me 2 Months To Write This Post

36 Things To Do Before I Turn 35.


Typing out that number, 35, really startled me. Holy shit. 35? How the hell did that happen??

I had this amazingly ambitious list last year. The year that I spent with a newborn. Can you imagine? What the heck was I thinking? Needless to say, not much was accomplished on that list. Oh well. I didn’t know. How could I have? Now that I am a bit more settled in—albeit still sleep deprived—maybe this year’s list will be a little more successful. I always say that, but I really want THIS to be the year that I cross the most things off of the list. With that said….

  1. Take Greta to a splashpad
  2. Take a family road trip
  3. Go camping
  4. Have a girls’ weekend
  5. Bake a pie
  6. Get my kitchen in order
  7. Sell a drawing…or two
  8. Get a zoo membership
  9. See the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the DMA
  10. Have a piece or piece(s) in a gallery show
  11. Eat better
  12. Slow down
  13. Less phone time
  14. Plant something edible…and eat it
  15. Pick strawberries
  16. Walk more
  17. Take Greta swimming
  18. See my friends more
  19. Write some letters
  20. Learn how to do paddles & breaks (that’s hula hoop talk, y’all)
  21. Buy something ridiculous to wear
  22. Wear healthier makeup
  23. Go to the Amon Carter Museum
  24. Learn how to crochet a blanket
  25. Visit Caitlin and Erkan
  26. Spend more time outside
  27. Learn how to read palms
  28. Let David teach me how to play chess
  29. Take pictures of Greta in the bluebonnets
  30. Rent a cabin
  31. Plant some flowers or something pretty
  32. Make Christmas Morning Breakfast a thing
  33. Refocus on truly listening to what a person is saying
  34. Be more handy around the house
  35. Eat at Lucia’s. wth.
  36. Meditate