35 Things to Do Before I Turn 34

GUYS. 33 is my year.

33 is my favorite number. It is an odd number. It is the title of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins song. (Coincidentally, also the age Billy Corgan was when the band broke up in 2001). This song has one of my favorite lines...

"Tomorrow's just an excuse away."

...which I have tattooed on my arm.

Last year's list was moderately successful. Much of it was hijacked by some big events (read: pregnancy), which I am fine with.

33 is the year I will give birth to a beautiful baby girl. This alone will steer my list in certain ways, though I have many things I want to do outside of being a mother to a newborn. It is impossible to go on with life and ignore this new badge. I have fears about what it will be like to maintain a creative process and have a child. People do it. I love reading about the life of Charles and Ray Eames and how wonderfully they integrated their family life with their creative life. They are my new spirit animals, if you will, for the upcoming year.

(PS I wrote this list a little earlier than usual because at the time I normally would have written it, I will be busy having a baby. My birthday isn't until March.)

  1. Journal again (you know, like an old-timey handwritten one, not a blog).
  2. At least 3 paintings per week.
  3. Go for more walks.
  4. Bake more.
  5. Finish decluttering the house.
  6. Paint the chess room.
  7. Breastfeed successfully.
  8. Learn how to use my camera.
  9. Work on loving-kindness meditation.
  10. Seriously. Lucia's. Why have we not eaten there yet?
  11. Work on my hooping.
  12. Get back to Zumba.
  13. Teach Kennedy how to take care of her new sister.
  14. Renew Kimbel membership, or get a different one.
  15. A book a month! Again!
  16. Go to the drive-in.
  17. Plant some cacti in the yard.
  18. Acquire rainboots.
  19. Smart hoop? Eh? Eh?
  20. Go to the zoo.
  21. Take a dance class to help with hooping.
  22. Fill out the baby book.
  23. Yoga
  24. Make a pie, dammit.
  25. Let David teach me how to play chess. Again.
  26. Make a hula hoop.
  27. Learn some new illustration techniques.
  28. Sell some paintings.
  29. Be more handy around the house.
  30. Learn how to make some more vegetarian dishes.
  31. Attend a coffee cupping class.
  32. Attend a class at TAFA.
  33. Figure out how to take care of a newborn.
  34. DRINK SOME BEER. (Oh, how I miss you, delicious beer...)
  35. Buy some art for the house.
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