Being Pregnant: Month 5


This is the month where we found out the gender of the baby, affectionately nicknamed "Little Buddha" up until this point.


This is also the month where Little Buddha started kicking me. This only started last Sunday, and what an amazing and weird sensation. It really does feel like there is an alien inside of you, trying to bust out. In just the course of a week, I have begun to feel the kicks a little more here and there. At first, it happened only when I was lying down, and then yesterday I felt some movement when I was sitting at the computer working. How reassuring to feel a life active inside of you!

We are also on the other side of the halfway mark, which means I have less time than when I started. I feel like I have been pregnant forever. The symptoms...are never ending. Even in this "golden hour" of pregnancy. I am surprised I did not know about some of this stuff before pregnancy, having had so many pregnant friends. I was invited a while back to join a mommy facebook group that is based out of Minnesota, and what a relief that board has been! These girls are the most non-judgemental, matter-of-fact lovelies. If you have a question, you get answers in minutes. Living in Texas for almost 10 years now (!!) I have gained an appreciation for the friendly pragmatism of Midwestern women and this board is a WONDERFUL reminder. Anyway, I had been having a strange pain and when described to the message board found out the Midwestern street name for this unfamiliar sensation (kicked crotch) and learned that it is pretty normal. I was also pointed to a helpful series of yoga poses to help with said kicked crotch syndrome. (Link to yoga poses for other unfortunate souls.) Bless these women!

I am looking forward to getting more serious about name choices with David, though he has some very peculiar requests (ie Since Kennedy has 3 syllables in her name, the next child should have 2 syllables because the cadence sounds nicer when you say their names together. UmWhat?) We have a few names that we like already but we want to see Little Buddha in person before we decide. Also, we probably won't tell you the names. Well, I might, if you press me on it...but David will not. I don't think. Just don't ask, okay? :)