Being Pregnant: Month 4


The clouds really did part once I hit 14 weeks. Nausea, for the most part, disappeared. I can eat normal foods again! My diet is no longer restricted to a few bland choices, mostly carbs that I could stomach without gagging. If I don't eat, I feel the nausea again, but I can keep it under control now, for the most part.

This month, so far, has been plagued by headaches (surprise, surprise). I did what I could with over-the-counters until my OB prescribed the best thing he could give me. I have also been going to the chiropractor. My neck is so whack. The chiropractor basically told me that everything I do throughout my day...I'm doing it wrong. Hence, my effed-up neck. I can't lounge like a teenager anymore. Particularly in my condition.

It's weird to be pregnant. I pretty much think about being pregnant ALL. THE. TIME. I think that is true with most women. Because your body is constantly REMINDING you that you are pregnant through all the symptoms and the growing-out-of-your-pants. I'm 15 weeks, but I feel like I am as big as some people are when they are 20 weeks, or more. (It's only 1 baby. We checked.) And I am forever anticipating the next milestone: THIS week your baby is as big as an APPLE! THIS week, your baby can HEAR! THIS week, you might FEEL your baby KICK! And terrified of the last milestone, the one where things really get hard and we have another dependent for the next 18+ years.

In 4 weeks, we will find out the gender. Everyone asks what you "want." Come on. We want a BABY. That's what we want. And ok, I'll be real...I kind of want a boy? And so does Kennedy. David wants a girl, because he's "good with girls." (--which, he is. See Exhibit A, aka Kennedy aka "Daddy's girl.") But really, like every parent, we will take anything. We just want everything to work out alright and after a few more months we get a healthy kid to raise forever.

I think it's a girl. I have a feeling. We'll let you know in 4 weeks.