Being Pregnant: 7 Months

Where did Month 6 go? Whoops. I guess that month was less noteworthy than all the other months. That's probably accurate. A month where you can *almost* forget that you are pregnant. Almost.

In the midst of Month 7, there is not much to say except that I feel like I have been pregnant forever. This may have something to do with the fact that with my miscarriages last year, I have been either pregnant or recovering from a pregnancy non-stop for the past 2 years. But even though I have felt like this has gone on for an eternity, lately I have been thinking, SHIT. This baby is coming and I had better get my act together!

This month, we got a crib and a rug for the baby room. That's as far as we are with that right now. I have a random pile of baby things in the corner of the room. I started stocking up on diapers...I thought for a while I wanted to do cloth diapers because I am concerned about the landfills, but I do not have it in me to make that commitment right now. Maybe when the baby is older? I found the best yet most cost-effective eco-brand I could through some research, and I hope that baby takes to them okay.

We also started our 3-part baby class last night. The first class was Baby Care Basics, during which a nurse explained how not to shake a baby. She also mentioned a number of things that were a "mommy and daddy decision," which was her way of saying she had a very strong opinion about it that she wasn't allowed to share. She spent an odd amount of time explaining the measures taken at the hospital to prevent our baby from being stolen. In all seriousness, it was a nice albeit brief overview of things that I was clueless about (and will forget all over again in time for baby's arrival.)

It is hard to believe we are this far. I had an unplanned ultrasound the other day and we got to see her pretty little face again. I think she has my nose. Bless her heart.