I've been wanting to get back into oil painting. I used to really love it. I was a student of "plein air painting," or "open-air painting," which is basically when one paints on location, outside. I took a few workshops with a plein air painter a million years ago and really enjoyed it. We would go to Amish farms, beautiful private gardens, and other typical Wisconsin-y places and paint what was around us. We'd start early in the morning, lugging our crap around until we found the perfect view and paint through the day, warming in the sun. It was so lovely.

Another reason I enjoyed plein air painting is because it employs a technique called "alla prima," which means "wet-on-wet," which means I don't have to wait DAYS for the paint to dry in order to build up the layers. You just PAINT that shit. It involves strategies different from other types of oil painting, and I like the instant gratification of having a piece completed in one day.

So anyway. It's been so long. I picked up a book by Richard Schmid called Alla Prima II, which is a fantastic guide to painting and the dude is a total sass-a-frass and I love it. In one chapter, he talks about the importance of making these painting charts, and though it might seem elementary, I effin' did it. It took me forever, but I had to. You just have to do stuff like this sometimes, you guys. ("Beginner's mind" and all that.) It helped get me back into the routine and process.

There are. Twelve. Of these. 

Now that these are FINALLY! complete, I have moved onto other things, which maybe I will write about another time when I feel like it.

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